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Lansing Labor News
Established 1945
September 21, 2021
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Local 4911 President Muhammad Qawwee
Updated On: Sep 08, 2021

September 2021

As autumn approaches, who would have thought we would still be in this fight to get over and past the horrific COVID-19 virus.  I, for one, thought once we approved multiple vaccines, made them free and widely available to everyone 16 yrs. and over (and then down to 12-15 years of age) we could relax and go back to living somewhat how we used to.  Boy, was I dead wrong!  It has been pushed as a political matter not a health and safety one, which is unfortunate in so many ways.  Working in healthcare and dealing with it firsthand, many of our workers are burnt out and some have chosen to leave working in healthcare altogether.  Now that school is back in full affect and in person, everyone should be aware of each and every way to keep our communities safe at all cost.  FDA’s full approval should put to bed any doubts individuals have about vaccines being made too fast or soon.  Another ongoing event of the last year and a half, is so many of our members directly or indirectly need financial and food assistance.  The sudden change in work, being laid off, or decreased working hours has spread all along cities, towns, and rural areas alike.  Some people have stepped up to help their fellow neighbor, co-worker or church family but we all can do more.  If you haven’t helped someone in need, even if it is to cook dinner for a family you know, look into your heart and reach out to someone.  There are many programs and non-profit entities out there to give to if you don’t know someone who needs help.  We have the food bank, CAUW, and VOA just to name a few.  No donation is too small.  One dollar (or more) helps, even buying an extra 2 or 3 canned goods or an extra box of cereal to give to the food bank or area church that deliver food baskets randomly all around town.  Giving supplies to the many schools that are now open in person such as hand sanitizer, tissues, and disinfecting wipes would go a long way.  I hope my heart and words have inspired someone reading this to try, if you can, to help out in any way possible.  To attempt to make someone else’s and your own life a little bit brighter and fulfilled in a greater way.  Stay safe, mask up and get vaccinated!!  In Solidarity,

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