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June 25, 2022
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Region 1D Director Steve Dawes
Updated On: Apr 21, 2022

April 2022

Greetings Brothers and Sisters. I hope that this edition of The Labor News finds you and your family well. As I look back to just a short time ago, over Easter, with the green grass and budding flowers and trees, it is funny to realize that the 40-degree nights now seem so cold. While just a couple of months ago, it would have felt like a heat wave, but I surely welcome the change.  

Your CAP Council is in the process of screening political candidates who are requesting the endorsement of the UAW. This is a very detailed process, as your council will take into consideration these candidates’ past voting records, past support of working men and women in our area, and answer questions during a set interview with our screening committee.

At the conclusion of our process, the CAP Council will give recommendations on who they believe to be the best candidate to support and advance the policies and legislation that protects, not only our union, but all hard-working families. Thank you to the CAP Council for their donated time and commitment to this great process.

A few dates to remember for our Region in the coming months:

Retired Workers Conference at Black Lake: May 31-June 3

Please contact your Retiree Chapter Chair for more information.

UAW Constitutional Convention in Detroit, MI: July 24-27

Your Local will be scheduling delegate elections soon.

Region 1D Summer School at Black Lake Education Center: August 22-26

Please see your Local leadership for more details.

We have a very important election coming this fall, that will directly impact the future of our union. That is the election of our International Executive Board. This election has historically been held at the Constitutional Convention, by the elected delegates. This year, it will be voted on by mail-in ballot from all members in good standing per our UAW Constitution.

For you to receive a ballot and vote, your address must be current with your local union, or the local union where you hold your retiree membership.

I cannot express how important this is. We pride our union on our members’ voice. During elections, your vote is your voice!

If you have changed your address, moved, retired, changed your work location, or need to update your address with your local union, please get that updated. The President and Financial Secretary of each local are authorized to make changes in LUIS (Local Union Information System). This is the system where addresses are updated to send mailings for the election.

Your address may not be current if you didn’t receive an issue of the Region 1D Viewpoint (for Retirees) or the Region 1D Insider (for Active) last fall, or if you did not receive your ballot for the referendum vote in the fall. Any of these could indicate that your address is incorrect in LUIS.

Please take the time to check this important information and ask your fellow coworkers, family, and friends to do the same at their Local.

Thank you and in solidarity

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