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Lansing Labor News
Established 1945
January 22, 2020
President Yvonne Vincent
Updated On: Sep 25, 2019

September 2019

Dear 1753 Brothers and Sisters,

Labor Day has come and gone, but the reason why we honor those people who fought for workers rights needs not to be forgotten. The struggle continues today for fair treatment, reasonable wages, and benefits. These are some of the discussions that the UAW will be bringing up in Contract negotiations. Our contract ends Sept. 14th 11:59 pm. Yes, the parties can extend negotiations....... but the UAW is  very angry. Closings of General Motor Plants, temporary worker status for 3+ years, outsourcing skill trades work, more and more vehicles being built in Mexico, wanting the employee to help pay for health care coverage ( when GM makes Billions every quarter ) These things make me angry and your leadership team angry.

    We voted 96.4 % to stand with the UAW negotiation team. I hope that the Contract Negotiation team gets us a good contract and by us standing in solidarity, we can help them.

    Please come to your Membership meetings. Information that has to do with your Union gets passed there. The Union information boards also hold good union business for you to read.

in Solidarity, Yvonne Vincent

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