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May 27, 2020
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Financial Secretary Bob Smith
Updated On: Mar 12, 2020

February 2020

It’s heating up…
Yes, things are heating up.  Sorry, I mean politically, not the weather.  It’s Michigan so the weather shouldn’t really surprise us, but the Presidential race is really heating up.  Of course, President Trump is claiming that his administration is stopping ALL evils, not just the big ones.  I wonder how history will paint him when all is said and done?  I’ve a funny feeling that he will not be happy with it.  If our nation ever returns to some manner of civil discourse Mr. Trump will be seen as the egotistical maniacal narcissistic sociopath that he really is!  (Sorry!  Just showing my true colors here.)
But enough about him.  I’m a little worried about what’s happening to the
Democratic party.  After watching a bit of each circus that has been portrayed as a debate I’ve got a sinking feeling in my stomach.  I’m having trouble seeing how we can pull a candidate out of this mess that will have a snowball’s chance of beating the incumbent President.  Mr. Trump’s tactics of smearing, obfuscation, and flat out lying have a better than average chance of making mincemeat out of whomever survives the primaries, mainly because the debates themselves are giving him all the ammunition he needs to take out the last one standing.  All we can hope is when all is said and done the Democrats can unite behind their primary winner and win this election.  I for one do not want to spend another four years feeling embarrassed about our President.  
…and speaking of heat.
Hey!  It’s that time again! The IRS wants you!!!... to pay your taxes.  All of them, including the amount received from the International UAW Strike Fund.  Strike assistance IS taxable and, as such, any member who received more than $600 in strike pay should have received a 1099 MISC from the International and need to include this income on their 2019 1040 form.  Please don’t miss this.  The audit mechanisms of the IRS specifically look for unclaimed income from 1099’s and trust me, no one wants to draw IRS attention!  If you haven’t received one, lost it or the dog ate it, please contact your Local Financial Secretary and they will request a replacement from the International UAW.

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