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Lansing Labor News
Established 1945
July 13, 2024
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Local 602 Obituaries
Updated On: Jul 03, 2024

June 2024

Lloyd J. Bloss – Retired
David B. Beane - Retired
Jack McDougal - Retired
Gary Christensen - Retired
Orville L. Dent - Retired
Kenneth Van Alstine Jr. - Retired
James Thelen – Retired
Keith Kirschenbauer - Retired
Ronald Trayer – Father of Randy Trayer, Active
Dave Fountain – Father of Paul Fountain, Active
Donald Collier – Stepfather of David Hyde, Active
Robert Waldo – Father of Doug Waldo, Active
Bennie Roe – Stepfather of Frank R. Nauman, Active
Melvin Lilly – Retired
Steven W. Hamilton - Retired
Russell M. Winters - Retired
Lyle S. Royston - Retired
Katie S. Rider - Retired
Frank R. Costello - Retired
Richard J. Buckland - Retired
Kenneth R. Herson - Retired
George Switzer - Retired
Dennis A. Pickelmann - Retired
Gary E. White – Retired
Steven B. Mayer – Retired
Charles J. Anderson IIII – Retired
Kurt J. Schaub – Retired
Elaine Hernandez – Retired
Bryan R. Jones - Retired
Charles E. Hawkins - Retired
Edward E. Bowles – Retired
Larry D. Davis – Retired
Jerald Litchfield – Retired
John D. Jones – Retired
Robert O’Dell – Retired
Alexander L. Lawson – Retired
Mark R. Dewey – Retired
Fletcher B. Trainor – Retired
Daniel L. Fairbanks – Retired
James A. Lumbert – Retired
Robert F. Gingery – Retired
Sam T. Kieu – Retired
Christine Cambric – Daughter of James Cambric, Retired
David G. Black - Retired
Benito Zamora - Retired
Darrell L. Pennington - Retired
Bill L. Riddle - Retired
Howard D. Parks – Retired
Marsha Anne Bowen – Mother of Mark Bowen – Active
Richard Pollie – Father of Steven Pollie – Active
Donald R. Ross – Retired
Sandra Lee Akers – Mother of Charles Walters
Penny Pardee - Retired
Terry L. Martin - Retired
Robert C. Anderson - Retired
Leland C. Wood - Retired
Leonard L. Lacourse – Retired
Marvin C. Brunner – Retired
Brian S. Morrison – Retired
Arthur Kosloski Jr. - Retired
Markovic, Anton - Active
Robert Williams Lobert – Father of Scott Lobert, Active
Sirrae Harder - Retired

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