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Lansing Labor News
Established 1945
April 09, 2020
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Vice President Ben Frantz
Updated On: Mar 12, 2020

February 2020

Aggressive Information

I hope everyone was able to end the year and decade on positive notes. It feels as though this year is aging quickly, we are already into March and it’s getting warmer. Another warming trend this year is the election cycle. As the year progresses, the one thing that I know will be a common argument in 2020 is the Presidential election. This year, my plan has been an aggressive approach unlike any taken before. My aggression is focused, targeted and aimed at getting people educated and informed. This aggression isn’t the negatively detracting style to which we are all accustomed, quite the contrary, I am pointing out that the lies perpetuated on various news outlets are just those, lies and half-truths at best. I haven’t made any attempts to change anyone’s belief systems or votes through relentless arguing and name calling, instead I am trying to cast a light on the importance of not being an uninformed single issue voter. Politicians thrive on segregating our vote by isolating issues such as abortion, immigration, gun control, middle class workers versus the 1% and even race. Over hundred years ago, issues like immigration, guns, labor rights and even race were all single-issue items that citizens voted singularly for or against and are all still alive and well today. We can never effect change continuing to vote this way. I will never tell anyone they are wrong for feeling or believing how or why they do, however, I will choose to guide them to the proper resources to get the facts for themselves to solidify their beliefs or unravel the misdirection and deceit. My efforts this cycle have been to broaden the spectrum of peoples understanding and provide them an opportunity to vote on a variety of important issues not a solitary item.

What this Presidential cycle has brought to my life is, the time for politeness is over, and it is time to get aggressive, in an assistive way. I want to assist those who wish to find the truth. I believe most people want to know the facts but may not know where to look, want to validate their beliefs, just may not know how. This is the plan I have been taking this year, one of helpful urgency. The want for people to understand and be informed by verifying their positions should be all of our goals for every election. Anyone can believe in a cause or candidate and go out and argue themselves into self-satisfaction, believing that they did their part and tried their hardest, but who gains from this type of aggression, not the cause nor the candidate, that’s for sure. Nobody should believe they can argue another person off their beliefs, if they believe they can, they just haven’t been paying attention. Yes, there are those who wish to stay obstinate and ignorant; for those, so be it, all you can do is assist anyone wishing to educate themselves. I chose this path of aggressive assistance moving forward in lieu of taking another failed attempt at negative redirection, which for me has never been fruitful. My goal with this new attack is to be a positive force in people’s lives as well as the Members whom I serve. I ask all of you to look inside and see if this type of aggression could work in your life, could this be the key to getting more people you know engaged and out to vote, if so, get aggressive and let’s get the votes to get America back on track.

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